Issue #7

Dear friends,

This year was a GOOD YEAR! Even with a full schedule, I feel that there was time for everything else in my fiber world and in my personal world. Classes took me to old and new places, I received several invitations to exhibit, and there was still time to create new work and develop new ideas. Our travels to New Zealand and to France were spectacular and I now have tons of new photos that will serve as inspiration. I was amazed at how much the colors and textures of New Zealand resemble the ones of the Pacific North West, and in France, I overdosed on villages, old buildings, interesting windows and weathered walls. A lot to process!
Here is the best of all: Just before the year ended, we became grandparents of baby Finnegan Aurelius, our first grand baby! We are lucky to have him and his proud parents nearby and I have a feeling that he will play a major role in our lives.

From my studio I say HELLO to you and send you my best wishes for this new year and as always, THANK YOU for your interest, your support and your company!

- Hilde




(The neighborhood)

El VECINDARIO - postcard

MIX - extreme in Sisters





My plan for 2015 was to add brighter colors to my work and to further explore "abstracting from reality." I am pleased to see that I accomplished the first goal, adding more color! I am not so sure about the second goal, abstracting. It is harder than you think!

The year started off with work for my MIX group's annual exhibit: "A Sense of Place: The Allison Inn." We each created two pieces, one representing "hard scape" and another representing "soft scape". I created WHERE TO STAY based on the long shape of the Allison's buildings, and WHERE TO GO representing the surrounding wine fields. You can read more about this challenge and see all 16 pieces on our MIX blog here.

Many times when I teach, I end up with orphan pieces from my class demonstrations. I challenged myself to create a nature quilt with all my blue/yellow curved sections and ended up with BETWEEN LIGHT AND SHADOW. It is all done using improvised curved piecing techniques and it incorporates most of my class orphans. It was juried into the show INTERPRETATIONS at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego, CA. I was very pleased and humbled! The exhibit opened in October 2015 and closed on January 3, 2016. All accepted work is featured in a beautiful 2015 Interpretations Catalog.

As usual, after working on free form pieces, I felt the urge to work on something more geometric so I picked up my house pieces from EL VECINDARIO (The Neighborhood) which were stowed in a drawer. It represents a typical village neighborhood in Venezuela. These simple houses tend to be very colorful and in this piece I saturated the colors even more. It is now fully pieced and awaiting inspiration for quilting.

The small postcard (4" x 6") is a replica of the large El VECINDARIO (54" x 40") and was my contribution to the Sisters Annual fund raising to benefit cancer patients in Central Oregon, Wendy's Wish.

In the meantime, my MIX group was accepted to exhibit our EXTREME portfolio in Sisters during the annual Quilt Show. We had many visitors and many questions regarding techniques and materials. You can see all 21 pieces on our blog here (make sure to scroll down to the Extreme Studies portfolio).

Later in the year, Sitka Center for Art and Ecology invited me to participate in their annual Art Invitational at the Forestry Center in Portland. They allow you to participate with three nature-inspired pieces which meant: Back to Work! I created two bowls, TRICKLING STREAM which is very representational, and BETWEEN THE LINES which I think looks a bit more abstract - this is the only abstract design I was able to make during the year! For this exhibit I also created a small wall piece called GOLDEN LIGHT (12"x 20") which I mounted on black painted canvas. I love the look of a mounted piece and from now on that will be what I do with small work.

On the teaching side, my studio classes were mainly Curves&More as I addressed my waiting list. This year I will be teaching Curves&More and Bowl making at my studio.

I enjoyed my teaching travels in OR, CA and WA. Workshops included In and Around Town at Empty Spools in Asilomar-CA; Curves&More at Pájaro Valley Quilters Guild-CA; City Scapes for Loosely Bound-OR; Curves&More and Bowls at Sister's Quilter's Affair-OR; Bowls and City Scapes at Quilted Strait-WA; Bowls at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology-OR.

As always, I learn something new with every teaching opportunity. Your ideas and how you transform them into an art piece are often very challenging and that is what I enjoy the most, guiding you through this process. Thank you!

The first week of this year is already gone...I have to get back to my studio! But before, here is what I plan to do this year...


The year 2016 starts with work in my studio for a new MIX group exhibit. The theme is Urban Landscapes, specifically from Portland, OR. I am working on a piece inspired by the new Portland Mercado on SE Foster Rd. and I plan to make it a bit more abstract...lets see how that works.

Studio classes for January and February have been scheduled and are full and I will continue to schedule them throughout the year. In addition to studio classes , I'll be teaching at Empty Spools in CA, Quilters Affair in Sisters OR, Quilted Strait in WA and Hudson River Art Center in NY. Please visit my calendar on my website for classes and exhibits.

I have received many requests for a class to create landscapes using curved piecing. Based on this a new class, Your Own Forest is now on my calendar. Forests allow for exploring light, depth and perspective and we will be using only curved piecing. It is an advanced class that builds upon Curves&More taking the basic curves to the next level of designing and piecing more complex works.

My color focus for the year will be greys and white. Last year it was brighter colors, the year before earth tones so I feel that it is time for greys. I also would like to incorporate some transparency and perhaps work with some sheers. Lets see what happens...

Not to forget, are my grandma duties!!! I enjoy knitting and crocheting and will create many many little baby things! That, I will do in my free time ;)

This is my general plan for the year. It leaves lots of room for unforeseen and other opportunities...just how I like it!

For your inspiration and before I close, I have a little present for you ... a Youtube video of my favorite quilts from the 2015 European Carrefour of Patchwork in France which I was lucky to be able to visit. You can play the video here (make sure to set your screen to full size.)

Off to work now!

Cheers for a good year!


As usual, I like to show a sample of your work. I wish I could show them all but that is just not possible. Every piece is unique and your ideas always amaze me. Sometimes they even scare me! and I continue to be pleased with the results. Here are some samples from the In and Around Town/CityScape, Curves & More, and Bowl Art classes ...
















I invite you to visit my website and my photoblog or contact me at hildemorin@gmail.com